How You Can Increase Efficiency With Digital Enrollment

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Now, it’s more important than ever, to have an easy to use digital enrollment platform that makes enrolling employees a snap of the fingers! While some agencies charge an arm and a leg for the platform, we offer our clients access to their digital enrollment portal at no cost.

Meet Our Digital Enrollment Platforms

We work with two of the most powerful digital enrollment platforms in the industry because we expect nothing but the best for our clients. Ease and Employee Navigator give our clients the power to take control of their benefits, take the headache out of open enrollment, and so much more. Which platform is right for your business? We’ll help you decide. Depending on what other platforms you use for things like payroll, time and scheduling and even retirement planning, the Financial Designs team will make recommendations on what platform makes the most sense for your team! Our end goal is for ALL your platforms to easily interact with one and other. Learn more about our two digital enrollment platforms below.


With Ease, you can enjoy:

Better decisions: Ease helps employees make smarter decisions about their benefits.

Faster enrollments: Employees only enter their information once, are required to complete all fields, and can digitally sign enrollment forms.

24/7 Access: Employees can access Ease via web, mobile, iOS, and Android apps to view important benefit details year-round.

Employee Navigator

With Employee Navigator, you can enjoy:

Centralized HR: Employee Navigator offers employers streamlined employee management. Know instantly when enrollment event occur and minimize claims and billing issues. Plus, whether it’s benefits, compliance or company communications, employees are always in the loop.

Modernized HR: Employee Navigator offers a paperless, efficient and accessible open enrollment process, meaning that you are in the drivers seat to customize your OE however works best for your company. Manage everything from a single place so that you can spend more time growing your business and less on busywork.

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