Creative plan design

Designed with you in mind. That’s how we approach employee benefits. Your needs are always at the forefront.

FD National assesses your company and its needs, catering our plan design to them. We’ll never present you with a policy that isn’t in your best interest. We use creativity and innovation to create the policy that works best for you.

  • During our analysis, we sit with employers to establish their goals for their employee benefits package, challenges that they may have encountered, as well as, review their current offering to see what is currently working and where there is room for improvement.

  • We use our benchmarking tool to assess how your benefits stack up against your competitors and in your local area to inform data driven decisions.

  • We review your budget, network, and benefits to inform our plan design.

  • Look over your funding options (Level funded, Self-funded, etc) to see what works best for you and your employees.
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