Krystal Sigler

Just after high school, Krystal joined Financial Designs. Starting out when we only had 3 employees, she learned every aspect of the business, from handling claims to fielding calls to processing applications. Growing alongside Financial Designs, she worked her way to Director of Renewals. As one of our most knowledgeable staff members, Krystal often helps with presenting benefits packages.  She enjoys the challenge of navigating situations and finding the right policy for our clients at every renewal, priding herself on finding solutions in an ever-evolving market.

Krystal leads through empathy. Having worked in every position, Krystal understands what each one takes, sharing her vast knowledge & experience with our staff. Her goal is to push people to their full potential, while still allowing them the freedom to be themselves. She also has taken the time to build great relationships with our carrier partners, making sure any issues can be solved swiftly and efficiently. Krystal’s tenacity, work ethic and know how are what make her the model Financial Designs employee. 

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